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Outsourcing and IT Services

Did you know that IT outsourcing can reduce costs by at least 40% compared with an internal IT department?

We take responsibility for non-stop operation of the IT infrastructure of the client-based service contract. Our offer includes subscriptions maintenance of computers, servers, all IT equipment in your company.

In addition to technical assistance, we execute structured cabling and configuration of wired or wireless networks.

You will get a team of people specialized and able to solve problems quickly.

Prices of subscriptions negotiable depending on your needs.

IT consulting

The initial assessment of IT infrastructure is made by one of IT consultants and after evaluation and depending on results, you can request a special audit for your company.

Following the audit, a detailed report is generated regarding security of information inside and outside the company, technical vulnerabilities scanning and testing their operation, if they are discovered.

IT audit provides recommendations for keeping risks under control information, a clarification on the types of threats and provides guidance to address methods of protection to the welfare of the company, minimizing potential financial damage, maximize profits and business prospects of the organization.

IT Services Online

If you have a new company, we can help you buy an internet domain (.ro or .com), we can register on our servers the domain and soon you will have the website and email service available.

We offer webmail services dedicated to your needs, and backup solutions for email addresses and other vital informations.

If you already have domain and website, we will help you promote the site, increase Google rank and soon Your site will appear on the first search page! We also provide site access and monitoring tools and we can secure the site against various attacks.

VPS Dedicated Servers

We use HP equipment and servers, have dynamic sharing of hardware resources so that all customers receive maximum performance.

We provide both installation and operating system management and related services (Apache, Mysql, antivirus, antispam, etc.). Benefit from free 24h/24 technical support.

For virtual servers (VPS) we provide professional hardware anti-flood protection.

We have our own data center in Bucharest, where multiple interconnections are made redundant with leading service providers in Romania and international direct interconnections. This brings an important advantage for the site or your applications hosted on our VPS service that does not count the traffic carried and we guarantee high band width in Internet.

We offer direct access to VPS management interface through which you can monitor resource consumption, reinstall or restart the operating system.


We create any type of web application designed to perfectly fit your business peculiarities.

Customized Logo or presentation website, forum or blog, we can design or modify anything you need. We present you some project sketches and then make the final product that meets 100% of what you have chosen.